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Nona May

Nona May, BS, Teacher, Mother, Your Neighbor for 33 years, MEd., MEd., NCC, LPC, 10th to 12th grades counselor for the alphabet Sao- Z, The Unpaid Messenger, Grandmother.   She earned her Bachelor of Science in Home Economics at The University of Texas at Austin, returned to get her teaching certification in Home Economics, and then taught for 20 years in both high school and middle schools.  In the meantime, she had 5 children who are all now grown graduating from Austin HS, LASA, and Bowie and  making more money than she.  She was one of the original teachers that opened Small Middle School in 1999 and taught there until 2010 when she moved to Bowie High School as a counselor.  She holds a Master's in Educational Leadership from Southwest Texas State University and a Master's in School Counseling form Texas State University.  She finished her internship for her Professional License of Counseling in 2012.  Currently, she is training her miniature poodle, Hannah, to fetch all the toys left outdoors  back into the house.  Her Shih Tzu, Tucker, believes if the woman wants the toys from the backyard she can go get them herself.