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Attendance and Learning » Attendance Codes Definitions

Attendance Codes Definitions

The attendance taken continues like last year.
1st and 5th period attendance time are at 10:15am (Oficial Attendance Time)
other periods attendance time is at midpoint.
TEA request to adds two codes for this school year RL for Remote Learning and RLv Remote Learning verification.
RL code will be used for teachers can have documentation to prove the student is engaging in class. (this code is blind in the Parent portal) 
RLv code will be used only for the attendance specialist on the Official Attendance Time Period. (this code is blind in the Parent portal) 
The student will considerate present if the student is physically (face to face) in classroom with the teacher. 
If the student is engaging in remote learning (RL) will considerate absent with reason RL. This reason is not against the student records.
The official attendance time continuum at the same time, at 10:15am.
Please see the video in the link below for more details.