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Check-Out/Check-In Procedure & Driving Pass Requests

CHECK-OUT PROCEDURE - Parents should follow the steps below to check out their child from school for an appointment or other reasons:

  • Park in the short-term visitor parking along the front curb near the canopy
  • Enter the main office and present your driver's license or any official identification like a passport
  • The office staff will complete the checkout process to document the student's departure from campus
  • The office staff will call for your child from class or send a staff member to retrieve them

CHECK-IN PROCEDURE - When arriving late to campus or returning from an appointment, students should check in at the main office and send a note by email to bowie@autinisd.org  from their parent or doctor before returning to class. 


DRIVING PASS - This is only for students with valid Driver's Licenses - To authorize a student to check out without a parent/guardian present, please click here and fill out the form or send a note from the parent/guardian must be submitted at least two hours prior to the requested dismissal time. Notes can be dropped off at the Main Office or emailed to both Elisa.Nguyen@austinisd.org and Teri.Trevino@austinisd.org.

  • The note must include the requestor’s name and phone number, student’s name and student ID number, the exact time to be released, reason for leaving, and include how they will be leaving campus (i.e. driving, walking, biking, etc).
  • The student will be sent a pass at their departure time. The student will need to come to the office to sign out and to pick up their “Permit to Leave” (driving pass) prior to leaving campus.
  • Include this statement in your email: I (parent/guardian name) give my student (student name) permission to leave campus and not hold James Bowie High School and Austin ISD liable, or responsible.
  • Upon returning to campus, the student may, without a parent/guardian, sign themselves back in at the main office and drop off their excuse note to document the absence. Students will then be issued a pass to proceed to class