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Check-Out/Check-In Procedure & Driving Pass Requests

CHECK-OUT PROCEDURE - Parents should follow the steps below to check out their child from school for an appointment or other reason:

  • Park in the short-term visitor parking along the front curb near the canopy
  • Enter the main office and present driver's license
  • The office staff will complete the checkout process to document the student's departure from campus
  • The office staff will call for your child from class or send a staff member to retrieve them

CHECK-IN PROCEDURE - When arriving late to campus or returning from an appointment, students should check-in at the main office with a note from their parent or doctor before returning to class. 


DRIVING PASS - If a student needs to drive off-campus for an appointment, illness, etc., please follow the information below:

    • Self-check outs are only allowed for students aged 19+ with his/her Drivers License
    • Parent/Guardian may send an email to teri.trevino@austinisd.org and elisa.nguyen@autinisd.org (please email both to be sure your request will be processed) include the following five pieces of information:
      1. Parent/guardian full name
      2. Student full name and ID number
      3. Time and reason to be released
      4. Mode of transportation
      5. Include this statement in your email: I (parent/guardian name) give permission to my student (student name) to leave campus and will not hold James Bowie High School and Austin ISD liable or responsible.
  • We ask that this email must be received at least 2 hours prior to the requested release.  Release of the student is not guaranteed without a 2-hour notice. Please consider travel time.
  • The students will need to go to the front office to sign out.