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Guidance & Counseling » Credit Recovery Options

Credit Recovery Options

If you did not pass one of your courses, you may recover your credits through the following options!
  • Self-paced computer program 
  • Offered as a class during the school day seniors 
  • Since it is self-paced, students can finish as quickly as they would like, and they can work on daily assignments at home in addition to at school (tests must be completed at school)
  • Students can earn up to a 100 average
Twilight (Formerly Summer School Now)
  • Twilight offers credit recovery the semester following the lost credit (Fall part A credit recovery is offered in the Spring, while Spring part B credit recovery is offered in the Fall)
  • Classes are offered before or after school during the school year, twice per week
  • No more than 2 absences allowed in each course
  • Taught by a Bowie teacher
  • Students can earn up to a 70 average
Year-Long Averaging
  • Both semester averages average out to a 70 (ex. Semester 1- 64/ Semester 2- 76)
  • Students get credit for both semesters
Credit by Exam (CBE)
  • Comprehensive exam that you an take to prove you have mastered the content for a course
  • Offered once a semester for free at Bowie, but you can choose to pay and take through UT High School at any time
  • Students can earn up to a 100 average
  • Your grade will be transcripted  (even if you fail the exam)
Garza High School Online
  • Self-paced online course available during Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters
  • Students complete assignments outside of school hours
  • Students can earn up to a 100 average
  • Find out which classes are offered
  • Register using the following link
Speak with your counselor to find out if you are in need of credit recovery and make a plan to earn those credits back!