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Students and parents are required to read the corresponding subject contract below when selecting Pre-AP / AP level courses. Summer Work will be noted if required. It is very important that you and your student select courses for next year with careful consideration.


May 28th will be the absolute deadline for any student or parent to request changes to be made to 2020 - 2021 courses.


This must be done through written communication with the counseling office at Bowie. After May 28th, requests for level changes (Pre-AP/AP to academic) will not be considered until after the 1st six weeks. Such requests will then go to committee for review and decision. Failure to complete summer work is NOT an acceptable reason to drop to Academic level! It is important that students learn to face challenges and that they understand the meaning of commitment. Furthermore, students’ course selections determine the master schedule, the hiring and reassignment of teachers, and the purchase of classroom materials, so we will strictly adhere to these deadlines. With their signatures on the James Bowie High School Advanced Course Contract, parents and students acknowledge their understanding of the commitment required to succeed in this course and that any required summer work is due the first day the student attends class. For students that enroll mid-August or thereafter, should immediately start on any required assignment and make the teacher aware of the enrollment date.

2020-2021 Summer Assignments
Algebra I Pre-AP
Pre-calculus Pre-AP & OnRamps
No Summer Assignments
AP Calculus AB & BC
No Summer Assignments
UT OnRamps Statistics
No Summer Assignments