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Advanced Academic Courses

We encourage all students to take a rigorous schedule of classes in order to be best prepared for the rigor of college. However, it is important to have a “balance” of academic courses that are also college preparatory. Advanced academic courses take considerable time outside the classroom; thus, students who are involved in extracurricular activities that require numerous hours outside of the school day should give careful consideration to the number of advanced academic courses for which they enroll in.
Please note that some advanced academic courses may assign summer work.  Please look at each course's course contract before signing up for the class, as it is the responsibility of the student to know if his/her selected course requires any summer work AND complete the required work by the first day of classes.
All advanced academic summer work can be found by clicking on the different subjects found on the right side of this page.
Students are required to stay in the advanced academic class for the entire 1st six weeks before requesting a level change. Level change forms will be available starting the Monday of the 7th week of school with the counselors and must be submitted by the Friday of that 7th week. Teachers on the committee will take into consideration the amount of resources (such as FIT and tutoring) that each student has taken advantage of before determining their correct placement.