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ACC Dual Credit

Austin Community College offers college classes to qualified high school students here on Bowie's campus for juniors and seniors. Dual Credit classes are taught by college faculty using the same lessons and expectations other college students receive.  You can take general education/core curriculum classes like English and Government your senior year and US History your junior year.
ACC Dual Credit Courses offered here at Bowie: 
Course Name  Course Number Year Typically Taken
US History  HIST 1301, 1302
Junior year (all year)
Intro to Sociology SOCI 1301 Junior year or Senior year
US Government GOVT 2305  Senior year (fall semester)
English IV ENGL 1301, 1302 Senior year (all year)

Frequently Asked Questions

When are classes offered?
You can take Austin Community College classes during the week here at Bowie.  

Can I take one semester of US History at ACC during the summer and the other semester at Bowie?
No. Students may not "mix" a high school semester with a semester of dual credit. The course must be completed at Bowie or at ACC during the summer.

What steps do I repeat if I take a dual credit class next semester?
Each semester requires you to request a new Co- Enrollment Form from Ms. Valverde and complete it by the deadline. 

Can I take a course online?
Dual Credit students may take Distance Learning courses with the approval of your high school counselor and parent, but it is important to understand that these courses maintain the same high standards as a classroom course and require significant self-discipline in order to complete them successfully. 

Do I need to re-enroll at ACC after I finish high school?
No. You do not need to repeat the ACC admissions process once you have completed it. You will need to submit a new high school transcript to reflect your graduation date before you can register for any more ACC courses.