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Credit By Examination


Credit by Examination (CBE) General Guidelines:

Credit by exam for acceleration is offered at no cost on three Saturdays in the fall and three days in June through the Office of Systemwide Testing. Specific dates and information may be obtained through your counselor. The District uses Texas Education Agency-approved examinations from the University of Texas or Texas Tech University for students in grades 6 –12. A list of available examinations may be obtained from the counselor or the Office of Systemwide Testing. The student must obtain the required parent/guardian signature and return to the counselor before the deadline listed on the application form. The counselor will submit the required applications and appropriate forms for credit by examination testing to the Office of Systemwide Testing by scheduled deadlines. A counselor’s signature must be secured as verification that the student's records indicate testing for acceleration or prior instruction in a course. Study guides for grades 9 -12 courses are online at the UT Distance Education website: http://www.utexas.edu/cee/dec and on the Texas Tech website: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/ode/.
Exams are scored by UT or Texas Tech and returned to Systemwide Testing, who then forwards the score reports to the school.
Failing scores on credit by examination are not recorded on the transcript. A passing credit by examination grade cannot be yearlong averaged with a failing credit by examination grade for award of credit. Passing grades earned through credit by examination may be yearlong averaged with grades earned in the classroom. Students may not rescind a request for credit through credit by examination once the test has been completed. Students may not retake credit by examination for a higher grade once the student has met minimum passing standard nor take credit by examination for the purpose of earning a higher grade to replace an existing passing grade in a course. Credit earned through credit by examination is transcripted as a non-weighted course.
Examination scores for high school courses will be used in computing the student's grade point average (GPA) and rank in class.
If students fail a credit by examination and wish to retest, they may retake the exam one time at their own expense through the University of Texas or Texas Tech University Distance Learning Centers or wait for the next District administration of the examination with campus approval.

Credit by exam without prior instruction (acceleration):

District students who have mastery in a subject but have not received prior instruction in the subject area or grade level may take credit by examination for acceleration to gain credit for those subjects or grade levels. Students who score 90 percent or above on a District-approved test for acceleration may receive credit for the course.

Credit by exam with prior instruction:

District students who have received formal prior instruction in a subject area may take credit by examination for credit recovery or validation of credit. The District will pay for CBE tests for validation from nonaccredited private or homeschool programs.
The District does not pay for credit by exam for credit recovery; students must make their own arrangements to recover credit for a failed course.