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Credit Recovery


Credit Recovery Options

Way too many of our students choose to focus on the social aspects of high school instead of the academic, especially during the freshmen year. For some, the rigor of high school courses prove to be more demanding than expected. Students should see their counselor to discuss the best option for credit recovery.

Repeating One or Both Semesters of the Course

Summer School
Students may take courses in summer school for enrichment, acceleration, or
credit recovery. Updated information about summer school is available during the spring semester on the AISD website.

Summer School Now
Bowie High School offers a program during the school year called Summer School Now for students that qualify. Enrollment is limited and on a "first come first served" basis for qualifying students. Contact Mr. Jorge Rodriguez at 512-414-7309 for more information.

For information about DELTA, contact your counselor.

Credit by Exam
The District does not pay for credit by exam for credit recovery; students must make their own arrangements to recover credit for a failed course.