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Pass/Fail (P/F) Forms are located outside of the registrar's office and only apply to ONE semester. The deadline to submit a pass/fail form is the final day of the first six weeks of each semester. A student may choose to take a course pass/fail, only if the course is beyond state graduation requirements in that subject area for the graduation plan that the student has declared. Prior written approval of the student, parent, teacher, and counselor must be acquired. Courses taken pass/fail are considered as local credit only and are not counted toward state graduation credit. With the exception of physical education equivalent waiver courses, the pass/fail status can only be used for high school courses. The grades in a course taken pass/fail will be recorded numerically for each six weeks grading period and for the final exam, but the final course grade will be recorded as a “P” or an “F”. Students are strongly advised to speak with their counselor or the college counselor if considering pass/fail.