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Academic Recognition

Trustees' Scholar Award
The district has established a program of annual awards to high school students to recognize and encourage outstanding academic achievement. It is know as the annual Trustees' Scholar Award Ceremony. A yearly certificate is given to qualifying students. The recipients must be scholastically within the top ten percent of the class group at the end of the first five reporting periods for that school year. Students must have earned at least a 3.0 GPA. A student who receives an Incomplete or an NC grade shall not be eligible to receive the award. The Trustee Awards does NOT replace the Cumulative Ranking that is done twice a year, in January and in June. The Cumulative Rankings is information used for the top 10% in each class for colleges, or any other request based on the ranking of the class, not the trustee awards.

Honor Roll 

The honor roll system recognizes and rewards notable academic achievement in secondary schools. Honor roll recognition is based on scholarship achievement only. It has no relationship to National Honor Society requirements, which include factors in addition to scholarship. Placement of secondary students on honor rolls will be determined on the basis of their grade point average (GPA) for the respective grading period. To be eligible for honor roll, a secondary student must have received an averageable grade from each of at least three courses. There are three levels of honor roll for middle and high school students.


High School GPA:


  • First Honor Roll

3.5000 and above*


  • Second Honor Roll

2.9000 to 3.4999*


* If a student makes an F (failure), or I (incomplete), or NG (no grade) during the six-weeks, the student is ineligible for the honor roll that six-weeks.



Parents: please have your student log in for the Honor Roll Link. Students need to use their AISD credentials to access the document.