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Grading Scale

Grading Scale In Place Prior To School Year 2007-08:

Applicable To 12th Grade Students in School Year 2009-2010
Advanced Level Courses 5.0 scale
Non-Advanced Level Courses 4.0 scale
Integrated Grading Scale (IGS) Implemented School Year 2007-08:
Applicable To 9th - 11th Grade Students in School Year 2009-2010
The rigor of the course curriculum determines the weight of the grade and
tier level of the given course.
TIER I courses include: Advanced Placement (AP), high school Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP), TEA-identified advanced courses, articulated Tech Prep courses, and dual credit courses at designated colleges or universities.
TIER II courses include grade-level-TEKS courses. TIER II also includes courses completed with limited modifications that do not impact state mandated exit level testing readiness.
TIER III courses include locally developed courses for students receiving special education services, TAKS preparatory courses and non-TEKS
curriculum aligned courses such as office aide.