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School Policies » Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

In order to clarify the attendance policy at Bowie High School, the administrative staff has identified the following major important points:
1. In order for students to earn credit, they must be in attendance for at least 90% of the total number of days during a semester. Students must place their documentation of absence in the note box on the front counter within 48 hours of the absence. Please make sure that the documentation shows the student's full name, student I. D. number, and the date of the absence(s). Documentation must be either an official doctor's form including the exact date and time of the visit, a parent note documenting the illness within 48 hours of the absence or other suitable documentation.
2. College Visits (maximum of two) - These visits must be pre-approved by a counselor and must be documented by officials at the visited college on the appropriate form and submitted within three days of the visit.

3. In order for your student to obtain a VOE/TEA form for driver's license purpose, your student must be in attendance for 90% of the school day or semester. Attendance for a TEA Form is based on the previously completed semester. Please refer to the campus VOE/TEA Policy for more details.
4. If credit for a course is lost due to unexcused absences, students must attend Saturday school to restore credit upon meeting with the students assistant principal.