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ID Badges - Students

ID Badges  2018-2019


Student Responsibilities


  • Students will be required to wear their badges at all times on the campus.
  • Students with off campus privileges will have a different color badge.
  • Students will be provided with a lanyard and a school ID. Students may wear their own lanyard as long as it is appropriate.
  • Students must have their ID visible at all times.
  • Students are responsible for keeping their ID safe.  Students may want to put their ID in a clear protector to prevent the ID from breaking. 
  • Students are responsible for purchasing a new ID if it breaks.
  • Students must have an ID to be in the library and to check out books or print.
  • Students must have an ID to check out a chrome book or text book.
  • Students must have their ID to leave the classroom for restroom breaks/water/ect.
  • Any staff member can escort a student to the office if they see them without an ID badge (not mandatory)


    Procedures/Enforcement for Teachers and Staff

  • All teachers will check to make sure students have ID badges and should not let students into their room without a badge.
  • Students who show up to class without a badge will be given a pass to go to the main office to purchase a new ID for $5 or receive a temporary ID for the day.
  • Students will be allowed 1 free temporary ID before being required to purchase a new one.
  • The first two weeks of school will be for training and reminding students about badges before consequences begin.
  • Once students have used their 1 free pass they will need to purchase replacement ID for $5. 
  • Replacement ID’s and lanyards may be purched in the library or the main office before school, during lunch, and afterschool for $5.
  • If students get swept or sent to the office and must use their “free pass”, an email will go home to remind the parent that students must have their ID at all times and that they will need to purchase a new ID badge if it has been lost.   
  • If the student does not have their ID for a 2nd time, they will be given the opportunity to purchase one in the  main office.  If they are not able to purchase one, they will be taken ISS for repeated failure to follow directions.